What do you value in life?

Many people value different things, but I want to ask you. What’s the point? Say you value friends, in a couple years they will completely forget you. If you value electronics, think, electronics will only advance. If you buy the newest phone or MP3 player, in 3 months, your just going to want a new one. On that note, think of the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, and Chinese. They had none of the technology you have today and yet, they were fine. The same goes for fashion and toys. Just remember to really think about it, and know that what you really want will never fade.

Best Book Ever: The Red Pyramid

The Red Pyramid is the best book ever. It is a story about a brother named Carter and a sister name Sadie. Carter and Sadie’s mom died when they were very young so Sadie was raised with her grandparents and Carter was raised with his dad. They are only alowed to see eachother one day a year. On that day there dad takes them to see the Rosseta Stone when there dad asked them to stay back as he examines it and once they peek their heads in the room their dad is in the Rosseta Stone explodes. They soon find out that they are related to the pharohs of ancient Egypt and have majic powers. They also find out that the evil god Set is about to wipe out all of the North American continant. They are going to need the help of the ancient Egyptian gods if they can have a chance to defeat Set.

Snow Days

We all know those days, the days where you see all of this white so you go find your mom or dad and beg them to go sledding. When you get to the slope you sled and have the thrill of your life, then once you reach the bottom and when you start walking up the hill you see a little spot of yellow snow and you think to yourself “I just sled over that?”. You go to your car and ask your dad or mom to drive away and never look back. Then you just call up some friends and have a snowball fight to try to get your mind off of your disturbing event.

Fast Fact #6

Did you know… what the largest man made structure is? If you answered the Great Pyramid of Giza, Great Wall of China, the Burj Khalifa Tower, all of those are wrong answers, the real answer is the Fresh Kills. The Fresh Kills is a huge junk yard where all of the trash in New York City goes to. That’s 8,008,268 people’s trash all going into one junk yard! You also need to realize that that is almost all trash, so next time you throw away so trash think about what other things you can do with it instead of just throwing it away.


The first thing you should know about creativity is that it’s not about being smart, sometimes it does mean that you are an intelligent person. A lot of people can be gifted and not even get an A in there life. Many of the most famous people are not even known for their smarts like Michel Jordan, Henry Ford (the actor) , Taylor Swift, and Mother Tresa all were gifted people but were not necessarily smart. Also when you are gifted in academics it is usually not all of the subjects. As a matter of fact they did a study on Albert Einstein and they had a group of people look at all of Albert Einstein’s grade cards and files without telling them the name of who’s it is and almost everyone said that he was not gifted. That just goes to show you that even though someone might be gifted but they are still normal people and shouldn’t be presured to do things that normal students wouldn’t be asked to do.One way to find out if you are gifted is by going and taking these 3 tests. One is called the Dominant Color test, the next is called the Myer-Briggs, and the last one is called the My Learning Style quiz. The best part about these tests is that there are no wrong answers. All you have to do is read the question and see witch answer applies to you best. Because there are no wrong answers, I don’t mean to brag but, I got an A+. If you would like to take the test go to this cite called http://www.ldcsb.on.ca/schools/cfe/WebQuests/gifted/index-2.html. Because there are no wrong answers, the scores of these tests are not ordinary percentages, instead the Dominant Color has one of four colors, gold, blue, green and orange. I got gold witch means that I am well organized. On the My Learning Style quiz you don’t really have a result but you have about 10 questions and 3 categories and if you answer most of the questions in one categorythen that the way you learn best. On the Myer-Briggs test you get a set of initialsand depending on what initials you get is your personality. For instance I got ENFP witch means I am a leader and an inspirer.

Fast Fact #4

Did you know… that Napoleon’s most humiliating defeat was not any battle. One day he wanted to go hunting in his garden so he told one of his servants to go get some wild bunnies. When the servant went to buy them he accidentally bought tame bunnies. When he went out to hunt the bunnies the bunnies thought he was to feed them and ran at him. Napoleon thought they were trying to attack him and he ran away. And that was his most humiliating defeat.

Fast Facts #3

Did you know… that the tallest mountain in the world isn’t Everest. It is actually Mauna Kea. Tallest is from base to peak, hight is sea level to peak. Mauna Kea’s base lies at the bottom of the ocean and Everest’s rises out of the Himalayas. Therefore Mauna Kea is the tallest mountain in the world.