Snow Days

We all know those days, the days where you see all of this white so you go find your mom or dad and beg them to go sledding. When you get to the slope you sled and have the thrill of your life, then once you reach the bottom and when you start walking up the hill you see a little spot of yellow snow and you think to yourself “I just sled over that?”. You go to your car and ask your dad or mom to drive away and never look back. Then you just call up some friends and have a snowball fight to try to get your mind off of your disturbing event.

One thought on “Snow Days

  1. That’s funny i guess that would be a bit weird to sled over somones yellow snow . Did that ever happen to you? Because that never happen to me sledding down a hill before. I like your blog it was really interesting and playing with your friends is a good way to get over something like that.

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